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I am Rohan (riju), the Founder and lead designer of AMZ Graphic

I am 33 years of age, and in 2012 I started this graphic design business. Prior to that, I have been doing designs for eCommerce clients. Besides my graphic design business, I also have a charity school in Bangladesh where more than 300 orphans study for free.

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What Does AMZ Graphic Do?​

We are currently focused on helping e-commerce business owners by providing them with high-converting designs. We offer different types of designs to our clients. Such as Product image design, Logo design, Packaging design including 3d mockups, Manual design, Thank you card/business card design. However, clients mostly use our image design service so you could say we are specialized in image design.

Core Values

Our core values are: Transparency, Freedom, Quality


We are always transparent in the communication towards our clients. We strive to maintain the same principle within the communication channels of our team. We are building a work environment in which anything can be discussed. If you ever have any issues with something related OR unrelated to work you can always contact us! We are passionate about getting to know our designers, also on a personal level.


Another part of the environment we are creating is the freedom to decide when you want to work on your projects. However we do work with certain deadlines which we expect you to meet. But you can choose when and where you want to work.


We have a very high-quality standard at AMZ Graphic. That’s why we offer our clients free revisions if their conversion rate did not increase after we made their design. This is a very important aspect of our company culture.

Vision of our company

After this brief explanation of our company, I would like to continue with the vision of our business. Our target audience is e-commerce business owners who are at the beginning of their business journey. They are striving to break free of the so-called ‘’rat race’’ and be their own boss. We want to help these young (a lot of them are in their 20s) business owners achieve their goals by making awesome and high-converting, quality designs for them. In order to accomplish this, we offer our clients a unique after-service. This means that 2 weeks after we have delivered their designs, we will contact them and ask what their conversion rate is. Conversion rate = Total product page visitors / total purchases. If it did not increase, we offer to make changes to the design, free of charge. We believe in building a long-term relationship with our designers we have chosen to pay our designers a very favorable salary. Actually, you will get paid in accordance with the impact you make on the business. We do project-based payments every 5th and every 20th of the month. We do payments through Wise. We currently work with different salary scales. You will start off on the first scale but if you work with us for several months and everything goes well you will be upgraded to the second salary scale. In the second salary scale, you will earn 15% more than in the first. Our highest-paid designer is currently in the third salary scale.


For an image design project, our designers usually need about 3 days and then additional time for revisions. We expect our designers to do at least 3 projects per week. We work with deadlines on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We also track if our designers meet their deadlines. This KPI is crucial in determining whether you go to payment scale 2 or if you stay at 1.

Our Process

The process is actually pretty simple. We have made a form for our clients in which they will put all kinds of information about the product. So, they fill out the form and you will be able to see all the answers to the questions. With these answers, you can make the design accordingly and when the design is done you send it to me. You will make the design in English at first and then send the pictures to us through Slack. I will then review the pictures and if everything is ok, I will send them to the client.

Product Pictures

Usually, the client provides his product images. If his images are bad we will sell them product photography or a 3d render. If no images are attached and the client did not purchase photography or a render with us they can search for similar product pictures on amazon or Alibaba. Another very important aspect of product image design is lifestyle pictures. Most clients did not make a photo shoot with a model and that is why we have to improvise the lifestyle picture. On the next page I will show you a few examples of lifestyle photos and what exactly they are. Later on, I will explain how we can improvise these pictures.

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