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June 20, 2020


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How Amazon sellers can stay in business during coronavirus.

On March 13, 2020, Amazon announced that it will prioritize essential services for the realization of amazon services. After experiencing a drop in supply by 10% during the last week, the company decided to place these measures in cohesion to the impact coronavirus had presented. The 10% evidence was enough to prove that the world was changing into a quarantine economy. 

If you are an Amazon seller, it is obvious things have changed. Especially if you sell non-essential goods. Read the article for more intel of how you can cope with the changing times and help your Amazon FBA stay afloat until things are back to normal.

With “stay home”, “stay safe”  being the new slogan on every government across the globe. Amazon had its own initiative on the home page of the site. Just below the cart button, a new button stating amazon’s response to COVID 19 was added to the site.

Even though there was a drop in supply, the demand for both essential and non-essential goods increased. This is mainly because of the stay at home order by governments across the globe and self-quarantine measures. 

In this article, we are going to cover the following fields that only concern Amazon sellers:

  • How the coronavirus is affecting amazon sellers
  • The decline in consumer spending
  • Keywords that have cropped up on amazon due to coronavirus

How coronavirus is impacting Amazon sellers

During the crisis, the next action for many business activities tends to be risky anytime the tides change. For Amazon sellers, the coronavirus has never made business so confusing like this period. majority of open-air markets have been shut down resulting in an increase in demand for online products. This gradually shift has to lead to the skyrocketing of demand for essential goods. Due to this, Amazon was forced to prioritize the supply of essential products until April 5th as they accessed the situation. Amazon also limited the number of sellers for surgical masks and medical supplies

Amazon sellers who mainly sold luxury goods saw a decrease in demand for goods by almost 60%. This demanded drastic action. Many Amazon sellers offering nonessential goods are encouraged to start selling essential goods. This is because as we have seen the trend with amazon where whenever a country is placed on lockdown, amazon responds by only allowing the shipping of essential goods. This was observed in India after the prime minister placed a 21 lockdown and also Italy. Amazon sellers are encouraged to switch to essential goods in order to stay afloat until things begin to normalize.

 Early April, amazon had already began allowing the shipping of nonessential products across the globe but with quantity restrictions. This means that competition for sellers had increased. Sellers are very crucial for amazon since they make up more than 51% of Amazon workers. With this information, it is now difficult to make sales on amazon than ever before. In order to make sales, your storefront has to stand since nobody is ready to lose money at this point in time. To maximize sales, amz graphic offers tips and amazon conversion increase services that will help boost your sales during the coronavirus era. Click on amz graphic for professional services.

Amazon was forced to place waivers and storage fees for sellers due to the delays being experienced. Amazon also stated that it is putting measures to mitigate sellers’ account health.

The decline in consumer spending

majority of Amazon sellers sell non-essential products, as earlier noted essential products have been bringing out crazy profit margins as compared to non- essential products. The sale of 

Rice- 118%

Bottled water- 228%

While essential services have been dropping



Those two examples give a simple assumption of the states of thing. Most products on amazon are non-essential, meaning consumer spending has to decline drastically because of the pandemic. Many people are afraid of spending money normal because you don’t know when the pandemic will end.

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Trending keywords that have cropped up on amazon due to coronavirus

Phrases such as work from home are among the many searched things on amazon. People are reacting to the requirements brought about by coronavirus. If you want to make sales as an amazon seller, you will have to adjust to the current pandemic economy structure. Essential services and products are the top-selling products on Amazon at the moment. Amz graphic there for encourages you to a line yourself with these changes. We offer services that will help you cope with the situation by adding graphics and polishing on your product photos.

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