According to Amazon, having high-quality A+ Content increases your traffic and sales by 10%.

High-Quality Amazon A+ Content, EBC Increases Sales by 10%

High-Quality Amazon A+ Content, EBC Increases Sales by 10%

Currently, there are 9.7 million Amazon sellers worldwide as of 2021. This means there are a lot of competitors to get ahead of, even in micro-niche markets. 

The Amazon A+ / Amazon EBC section helps potential customers to distinguish your product from your competitors. 


With that said, most Amazon A+ content is still being written without thought. But with the help of my Amazon A+ / Amazon EBC services, it will not only boost your sales but will also maximize your visibility in the Amazon Search Engine Results (SERPs).

Amazon A+ Content Turn Clicks Into Purchases and Turn Regulars Into Repeats

Amazon A+ Content Turn Clicks Into Purchases and Turn Regulars Into Repeats

There is no point investing tons of money into advertising when you can’t get a customer to buy the product. 


In other words, stop investing money into getting customers through the door, but instead invest in what makes them stay.


This is what my Amazon A+ / Amazon EBC service focuses on. Without high-quality A+ Content, those clicks are for nothing


Our service will highlight your product’s best features and how it can solve or fulfill your customer’s problem/need/want. 


We will showcase what makes your product special and different from your competitors.

Information Is Key, Return Rates Go Flee

Information Is Key, Return Rates Go Flee

The most common reason why customers return products is that they were misinformed


This misinformation can be a misunderstanding of what your product does or your product’s features. 


However, if the customer is given a deeper understanding of your product and its benefits, this ensures that your customers will make a well-thought-out purchase. 


As a result, they will have no reason to return your product.

Gain Positive Reviews

Amazon EBC Can Help Gain Positive Reviews

Online reviews have increasingly become important over the years. In 2013, a study revealed that 73% of consumers agree that positive reviews make them trust a business more

This means gaining positive reviews is crucial to being successful in Amazon.

With my service, your customers will be given a deeper understanding of your products while highlighting their best features

Therefore, they will make a well-thought-out purchase which results in them being satisfied and leaving a positive review.

Communicate Your Brand Story

Communicate Your Brand Story

While the price might be a selling factor for your customers. Having a captivating brand story reassures them about your brand’s quality


If your brand’s prices are higher than your competition, your brand story will inform your customers why, and how it will benefit them.


For example, some brands have been around for 100+ years. They might want to highlight that their prices are high because of their seniority


For some brands, they perform charity giving for every sale, highlighting this will reassure the customers about your quality and values.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou

Engaging Visual Enhanced Brand Content

Engaging Visual Enhanced Brand Content

In recent studies, it has shown that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and the brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. 

This shows that adding engaging visual content to your Amazon A+ / Amazon EBC section is the most important factor in keeping your leads interested. 

Having no engaging visual content means you are losing 90% worth of information that could sell your products to your customers. 

In my Amazon A+ / Amazon EBC service, I will keep your customers hooked throughout with the help of engaging visual content coupled with informational text.

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Amazon A+ Content FAQs

Here are some basic answers. If you have more questions please contact us!

You will require to provide your listing link (if active), all the product images that you have, a brief explaining the finalized layout for your EBC or A+ listing so I can design the images accordingly. Please note that you should have a finalized layout/template of modules while you contacting us.

1. The process is simple, I will first work on your provided requirements.

2. Provide you with a draft work around your feedback to improve the draft and

3. Once the design is finalized, I will send you all finalized images.

I will ensure your 100% satisfaction. So I offering unlimited revision!

This can happen sometimes, but do not worry. I will work with you to make the necessary changes suggested by Amazon to get it approved in right way!

The price could change depending on your specific needs. For any product with variation, please message me so we can discuss the price and come up with the best solution for you.

Yes, you will need to register the brand before ordering our service. If this is not completed prior, I can still create the EBC, but will not be able to help you submit it to Amazon.

Yes, your product photos and listing images are safe with us. I will not distribute or reuse your product photos or listing images that we have designed. I only subjective to use our designed listing images for our portfolio.