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Custom Logo For Amazon Seller

Why Need Amazon Seller Logo?

If you are preparing to sell something on amazon, you must have to have amazon seller logo that will become your brand identity, both now and in the future, so it should be memorable and clear. 


It should also be suitable for use on all your online and offline items. This could potentially include emails, webpage or websites, clothing, packaging, and promotional flyers. 


We have over 7 years of experience in designing Amazon listings images and custom logos for Amazon FBA Sellers and have completed over 3,000+ FBA-related jobs in that time. 


If you have any custom logo ideas already, please let us have them so we can consider them in our work. 


Please check out our latest portfolio for a general idea of the types of logos we can provide.

Amazon Seller Custom Logo Pricing

Custom Logo Design Pricing

We understand that money can be tight, especially for new amazon sellers, small businesses. Ask us for a quote so you know exactly what you will get for your money. 


Pricing will vary depending on what you want, and how soon you need it. It’s best to be clear before you start. We can also revise the amazon seller logo once we have designed it, but it is better to request several concept designs first so you have a better choice. 


As well as the concept ideas, you will receive a social media kit with the different concepts in the correct size for all major social media platforms. The delivery will include files in the following formats: .ai .eps .jpg .png .psd .pdf .3D Mockup. 


The high-resolution vector files can be resized. Your logo will be a custom design that is good for brand recognition and you will retain all ownership rights for its use.

Amazon Seller Logo Details


We need to know about your products so that we can make sure the custom logo matches the range. If most of your products are black, then a colored logo might be better. 


If your items are shipped in brightly colored boxes, a monochrome logo may suit the listing better. If you’re selling multiple variations of similar items, then we can reflect that in your logo; for instance, if your Amazon FBA Seller is an online store selling second-hand books, we can design a custom logo incorporating a book in some form.


If you have some logo ideas of your own, please share them with us. 


They can inform and inspire as well as giving us an idea of what you hope the finished product could be. 


Color is very important in graphic design and we will endeavor to reflect your brand’s specialism in the amazon seller logo.

Simple Logos Are Best

Simple Custom Logos Are Best

When it comes to logos, simple is better. Logos work best with 2 or 3 primary colors – black, white, red, blue, yellow, or green. 


Think of the logos used by big-name companies. Amazon’s own logo is black and white with a yellow smile. 


CVS and Target’s logos are red and white; while Disneyland has unique lettering that can be any color but is most often seen in black on a white background.


Although the company name is often the logo, where it is not, the logo part is so recognizable, it can be decoupled from the actual company name, as with Target. 


We will need to know if you have any corporate typography or colors in mind. If you have work wear to identify yourself when carrying out the Amazon FBA business, we can design amazon seller logo that will be easily transferable to apparel. 


If you have a sister business where you will be including flyers about your FBA lines with every sale, we can take that into account too.

Your Target Audience

What Is Your Target Audience?

If your Amazon FBA products are going to be of interest to a niche market, we can provide a suitable logo. 


For instance, if your unique selling point (USP) is items for new parents, your amazon seller logo will need to look totally different than if your range is concentrating on organic products in recyclable packaging or targeting buyers of cutting-edge technology. 


The more details we have, the better chance we have of meeting your requirements the first time. 


If you already have an established business that is adding an Amazon FBA Seller account to its markets, then we can adapt any existing logo to look good on your FBA page as well as across your social media channels.

Lets Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Still, reading? That’s great! Why not contact us to discuss your logo needs further?


We have a number of ways you can reach us, which are listed on our contact page, plus the online chat window you may have noticed bottom right of your screen. 


We are happy to start from scratch and ask you to outline the kind of thing you’re looking for or to see previous designs or concepts that you like. 


We love details, so the more you can share with us the better. What do you want, when do you want it, and how much are you prepared to spend?


We look forward to hearing from you and working together to design your Amazon FBA Seller logo.

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Amazon Seller Logo FAQs

Here are some basic answers. If you have more questions please contact us!

Contact me through my contact form and provide me flowing these information: industry, name, tagline, etc and design preferences such as color and examples of other amazon seller logo you like. The brief is the most crucial step of the entire process as all my future work will be based on it.

The unlimited modification feature applies to 1 or more of the included number of designs. It guarantees as many modifications until perfection is achieved. However it does not cover starting over from scratch with completely new designs. It only applies to the included designs in the pack.

The social Media Kit covers perfectly scaled profile images for the main social media platforms. This images are tweaked to look amazing on phone or computer screens and they will fit perfectly within the social media platforms that you need.

The logo delivery will include: .ai .eps .jpg .png .psd .pdf .3D Mockup.

Unfortunately NO. I do not do Complex Mascot Logo Designs. but Silhouette Style Character Logos are Fine for me.

Any ideas or requests for your future amazon seller logo design you may indicate in your logo request, Please be as specific as possible.

Yes. Please provide me the latest version of your amazon seller logo design, and mention it in your logo request.

Vector files are high resolution and high resolution files, you can resize, best for Printing. it is actual design file with all text converted to outlines.

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