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December 10, 2018


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A Quick Recap of Amazon’s Terms of Service?

Remember that long list of policies that you agreed to when you signed up for Amazon? With time, it is sure that the Amazon Terms of Service might start to fade away from your memory as you get involved in a lot of things and focus more on your Amazon business. With the holiday season in view, there is a level of chance that one might make a rather rash decision which will be against the rules that you signed up for a long time ago, thereby putting your entire Amazon business at risk.

Luckily for you, we have been able to gather some of the important regulations and policies so as to help you manage your account within borders. Here, we have put together an overview of the code of conduct and Amazon Terms of Service as well as their prohibited actions so as to help you remember those things that can affect your terms with Amazon.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get it rolling!

Code of Conduct for Seller

Amazon has always been looking forward to provide the most trustworthy and safe market place for its millions of customers all around the world. They need their sellers to keep to a very strict code of conduct so that shoppers can rely on their purchases and also continue to patronize the e-commerce website. The code of conduct do not only protect the buyers, but the sellers alike so as to protect you from other competitors making use of undue advantage to beat you and other rule abiding sellers.

In case you or other sellers violate any of Amazon’s code of conduct, they waste no time in taking action which can range from suspending you as a seller to removing you entirely from their marketplace.

Some of the code of conduct principles for the sellers are as listed here:

  • You should not misrepresent yourself
  • Try as much as possible to maintain current information on your account
  • Abide to all Amazon policies and laws
  • Act to improve your trustworthiness to Amazon customers.
  • Never sell products that can cause harm to customers
  • Ensure you act fairly at all times
  • Never engage in any offensive behavior

Selling Policies on Amazon

Amazon’s rules and restrictions on product types accepted have been put in place so as to protect Amazon consumers. Be sure that you are not selling any product that is questionable on Amazon. They prevent you from listing products that:

  • Are not accepted on the website.
  • Are not safe for people.
  • Are permissible only based on a professional prescription
  • Violates any international or domestic trade laws
  • Infringe on other people’s intellectual property rights
  • Violates other policies on Amazon

Seller Action’s prohibited

There are quite a number of actions that Amazon keeps it’s sellers from doing so as to protect both shoppers and sellers alike. They always strive to keep a level field for every sellers on the platform, therefore any action that can disrupt the level field is prohibited. You might be worried not to cross the boundary, so here is a quick recap of all those actions that are prohibited.

  1. Redirecting traffic off Amazon

All sellers are prohibited from using any kind of language or link to divert traffic off Amazon website.This also includes any call to actions or adverts that will make shoppers to leave the site.

  1. Email communications that are Inappropriate

Sellers are prohibited from sending emails which are unsolicited to customers which are not needed to fulfill their order or customer service. Email marketing are not encouraged by the sellers.

  1. Managing more than one seller accounts

It is illegal for sellers to operate and maintain more than a single seller accounts. In case you have a cogent business need for more than a single seller account, then you can always go ahead to apply for an exception through visiting the contact us section in your account. Go to “selling on Amazon”, and proceed to choose “Account”, then click on “other Account Issues”. You will need to provide reasonable explanation for the need for operating more than a single account in your submission

  1. Abuse of ratings, reviews or feedback

Sellers are strongly advised against engaging in any form of actions that will manipulate their reviews, ratings or feedback. You should desist from offering any form of incentive to customers for them to provide a positive review, or going to drop a feedback on your own account etc. Although, you are within their jurisdiction to request for reviews on a neutral ground, you should never attempt to ask for a positive review. You should also ensure that you comply with the community guidelines in dealing with anything that concerns customer reviews.

  1. Abuse of Sales Rank

Sellers are not allowed to engage in any action that will manipulate their sales rank. Some of these includes knowingly accepting or soliciting for fake orders, giving compensation for customers patronizing your products or placing orders on your own products. You are not also allowed to make any claims regarding your sales rank on your product information.

  1. Misuse of shopper’s phone number

Amazon provide sellers with their customer’s phone number in order to complete their orders and comply with the carrier label requirements. You should ensure that you only use the phone numbers when necessary and within the Amazon’s customer personal information policy.

Read up the Rules and Follow Them

Amazon takes any simple violations of their code of conducts seriously. The best you can get when found wanting is to get your account suspended temporarily. The highest of the punishment is for you to get banned completely on the Amazon platform and permanently stop getting any cash flow from Amazon.

Although you might get tempted sometimes to try out some questionable tactics so as to boost your sales, it is definitely not worth the risk at all. You may find some of your competitors breaking the rules and getting away with it, you can be sure that they won’t do so for long before Amazon slams their hammer.

Keep these code of conducts in mind, and work legitimately to drive sales to your product for the best experience.


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