Remember the excitement you felt when you were unwrapping a present from a friend? This is the same excitement that customers feel when they open Amazon product packaging design box. 


It gives you a first impression of what’s inside and you can tell if it’s high-quality or not, just by the packaging and 71% of Americans say that their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging. 


It’s just like how you can tell who’s the confident one in the room, it’s all comes down to the presentation.

Product Packaging Create Great First Impressions

Create Great First Impressions

Do you remember a time when that someone walked into the room and you just knew, that person is confident, high-value, and trusted? Well, this is what we call a great first impression


Do you ever wonder how this person manages to pull a great first impression without even talking? Well, it all comes down to the presentation


Your brand’s first impression to its customers is the packaging. The packaging is the first time they will touch your product which means making it great is a vital factor to gaining customer trust.


The biggest challenge to creating great Amazon Packaging Designs is keeping up with your competitor’s highly creative packaging designs


With our Amazon Product Packaging Design Service, we will help you out throughout every step to create your perfect brand product packaging design that will be creatively different from your competitors.

Increase Brand Recall By Product Packaging Design

Increase Brand Recall By Product Packaging Design

What brands do these colors remind you of? Red, yellow, blue, green. What brands do these symbols remind you of? Check, Letter M, Coffee Mug, Mermaid. Now, you might have thought of some brands that relate to the colors and symbols mentioned.

With great product packaging design, this is exactly what your customers will remember you by. Your customers will remember you by how you package your product.

Does your packaging relate to your brand color and symbols? Does it relate to your environmental initiatives? All these are what customers remember you by. 

So why not make them remember it even more by implementing it through your product packaging design?

With our Amazon Product Packaging Design service, we will help you increase your customer’s brand recall by relating your design to your brand’s characteristics.

Gain A Significant Competitive Edge

Gain A Significant Competitive Edge

Having great packaging means that you separate yourself from other brands that don’t have great packaging or simply don’t put thought into it. 


Did you know that 50% of customers switch brands because of poor packaging? Now that’s depressing. However, this can be changed easily by simply investing in excellent Amazon product packaging designers.

As mentioned before, 71% of Americans say their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging


Now what if you were able to create an excellent Amazon product packaging design, that means that you gain 71% more customers and you also don’t lose 50% of your customers in the process. 


Sounds great right? Well, this is only if you were able to create that excellent Amazon product packaging design. Bummer.


Fear no more! Because with my Amazon Product Packaging Design service, I will help you create an excellent design that helps your brand gain that significant competitive edge.

Gain Positive Reviews

Gain Positive Reviews

Gaining positive reviews always comes down to giving the customer a positive experience. This means having a great product, clear instructions, clear information, etc. However, what most people miss is the experience of unwrapping the product.


Unwrapping products or gifts give us a positive boost in mood proven by many studies. This is because the anticipation of opening the gift is much more exciting than the act of opening the gift itself


There is the tension (excitement) that needs to be released (unwrapping) and once it’s released you get a positive flow of chemicals (dopamine) to your brain which makes you feel happy.


However, the opposite can happen which as well is why giving the customer a great unwrapping experience is crucial to gaining positive reviews.


With our Amazon Product Packaging Design service, I will help your brand give your customers the positive unwrapping experience they deserve.

Protection Of Your Products

Protection Of Your Products

Excellent Amazon product packaging design also has another purpose which is to increase the protection of your products


Since you don’t control the handling, shipping, and stocking of your products. You need to take into consideration the protection of your products.

This means making sure your product will not break, tear, or be damaged throughout the Amazon delivery process. 


This also means complying with the Amazon Product Packaging Design requirements and keeping your designs updated.


Many customers return or cancel because of the product being spoiled or broken during the transportation process or due to poor packaging design. This means that you must ensure that your product is safe during the stocking and shipping phase of Amazon.


Excellent packaging design ensures that your customers receive their products and have a pleasant unwrapping experience.

Increase Your Brand’s Value

Increase Your Brand’s Value

Having an excellent packaging design can be compared to having good stylish clothes. 


Having good stylish clothes makes you presentable to other people and being presentable increases your value


This is also true for your product’s packaging design. What’s the point if you have the best product if you can’t present it as the “best product”?


With our service, we will help your brand increase its value by having an excellent product packaging design.

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Product packaging Design FAQs

Here are some basic answers. If you have more questions please contact us!

I will need the following details for making your amazon product packaging design:


1. Exact size or dielines template


2. Your brand logo 


3. Preference colors style


4. Content descriptions

5. Any images you want on the insert like product image, QR code etc.

1. My process is simple, I will first work on your provided requirements.


2. Provide you with a draft image.


3. Work around your feedback to improve the draft.


4. Once the design is finalized by you, I will send you all finalized images and source files (upon request only).

I usually provide the first draft before the expected delivery time (usually between 48-72 hours).

You will get unlimited revisions

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