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December 3, 2018


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Amazon Affiliate Links The 5 Best Ways to Share and Promote Your Business

Looking for some of the best ways to share your Amazon affiliate links and increase your revenue? Look no further! We have done the hard work for you and listed some of the best 5 ways to share and promote your Amazon affiliate links that will actually boost your earnings.
Its every Amazon affiliate marketer’s dream to one day become one of the top-paid affiliates. It can give you the life of luxury and freedom that you have always desired. It is very much possible and sharing your links through these 5 ways will help you on your way to the top. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right straight to it!

1. Blog comments
Comments are good, we all love to see people comment on our blog posts. However, we need to understand that there are good ways to comment, and there are also bad ways as well. You need to ensure that your comments are related to the post, and only include your link if it is relevant to the question. You can do this on your own blog or on other popular blogs in your market’s niche. Randomly posting your Amazon affiliate links in unrelated comment discussions is a very bad way to carry this out.

2. EBook
We have all come across an eBook one way or the other. They can be seen as long form of blog posts that have been designed beautifully and contain a lot of valuable information on the subject. They are seen as sound authorities on the subject, and people see them as a valuable source of information. Since people see them as authorities on the subject, it serves as a perfect avenue to include your Amazon affiliate link and make your prospects see reasons to make use of your link.

3. Email marketing
One of the most prominent marketing tools today is email marketing. A few experts might claim that email marketing is dead, however, a lot of people are still making their cool bucks from email marketing. In order to take advantage of email marketing for your Amazon affiliates, add a form to your website so as to start building an email list. Start nurturing your list, and send out those Amazon affiliate links to convert your prospects to buyers.

4. Facebook
The power of social media in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. Start by joining Facebook groups that revolve around your niche. Chances are you are already in one if you are really passionate about your niche. Ensure that you are active in these groups and never hesitate to share your ideas. With time, you can begin to share your Amazon affiliate link to assist users.
Furthermore, the Facebook business page is another great aspect of Facebook that you can take advantage of. Facebook pages are great for sharing information about your business or what you do, and of course, you can also share your Amazon affiliate link here. Just ensure that your posts are related to your Amazon affiliate products.

5. Instagram
Over time, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks to reckon with. Just like a Facebook page, you can post relevant images and videos about your business. You can also interact with your users through the comment section and promote your Amazon affiliate links here.

There you go! With these top 5 ways of promoting your Amazon affiliate link, you can increase your revenue as much as possible. All you have to do is to take time to explore and use them to your advantage.

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