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April 26, 2020


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What does Amazon listing optimization do for you? It can be said in simple terms that it helps you to create your listings as well as manage them so as to make sales on Amazon. It is a wrong notion to think that your product is automatically listed on Amazon once you activate the Amazon sales channel. It goes a step further by being listed as it is submitted for approval from Amazon.

The majority of listings that are successful usually end up being approved within only a few hours. Once your listing is approved, then you can be rest assured that your listings will make their way to the Amazon market place. How do you manage your Amazon sales channel listings? You can easily do this in the admin. Some of the categories in the page are as listed here:

  • Get approval to market your product in a category
  • Begin a new listing for your new product
  • Add an EAN or UPC code
  • Add your brand (Registered)
  • Create an offer for a particular product in the marketplace
  • Link to your already listed products

There are a number of products that need the approval of Amazon when creating its listing before its sales can begin on Amazon. If there is a need for your product to be approved, then be rest assured to get a notification to do same before you can finally get to submit your product and start selling. The only way you can create listings for new products through the use of Amazon sales channel are by selecting products in the following listed categories:

  • Household & Health
  • Games & Toys
  • Electronics
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Patio, Garden & Lawn
  • Outdoors & Sport
  • Clothing, Jewelry & Shoes
  • Beauty

Amazon has designed an easy to use system and user friendly interface in which sellers can easily populate all the relevant data about their products to the system. Once you are aware of the right things to place in these fields, making any changes becomes very much easy for you. But, due to the fact that Ag is such a maturing algorithm, it is expected that unpredictable and frequent updates happen occasionally which makes it difficult for sellers. In fact, these unpredictable changes frustrates a lot of Amazon sellers.

Always ensure that you are trying all your best to use some of the most up-to-date tips and recommendations based on Amazon’s official documentation as well as our own observations after successfully managing thousands of Amazon listings. You should also note that our recommendations here are subject to frequent changes as Ag evolves. Consumers do not always go to Amazon to carry out product research and Amazon is also aware of this fact. Amazon continues to experiment and tests what pushes consumers to make those purchases. Hence, there is a need for us to also adjust so as to help the shoppers buy our products more frequently.

Some of the ways to achieve this is to expose our product more than our competitors, so that we are much more visible than they are. Furthermore, there is the need for us to make those changes that will always help to convert those browsers to buyers while taking note of Amazon search algorithm. What are some of the things that you need to take note when optimizing your Amazon listing? Some of them are as listed below.

  • What are the necessary words to put in your title?
  • What is the best price to sell your product at?
  • How many images will just be enough for your product?


So there you have it. Ensure you choose you products wisely and determine if it needs approval or not. Once this is done, carefully carry out your listing and you are good to go.


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