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May 23, 2020


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Amazon Product Image Requirements

Wondering how you will make more impressions that convert to sales on your amazon account? Here is the conclusive Amazon product image requirements enactment to assist you to make optimal sales. We will only cover the most important and necessary requirements.


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There is a reason why images will always make a big difference in the amazon product listing. In fact, the most crucial part of product listing is an image. The first thing a potential buyer will see when he checks on your products is the image. To prove this analogy let’s take a look at Instagram.



Celebrities will post more than once on Instagram daily as compared to other social networks. This shows that people relate to pictures more than long posts. Your image will greatly contribute to your sale on amazon.



For Amazon sellers to be able to upload a product photo, one must follow the requirements outlined by amazon. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to provide images for your products and also the product itself.



This action is pivotal in creating trust with buyers that will eventually convert to sales. For this to be possible, amazon product photo requirements should be observed.




This is what we’re covering: Technical requirements for amazon product image

Product images submitted to Amazon must meet the following technical specifications.

Note: Spaces, dashes or additional characters in the filename will prevent your image from going online.


Amazon site standards for the product image Requirements

For images named by product identifier without a variant code or named with the MAIN variant, and display as the main image on the product detail page, Amazon maintains the following site product image standards:

For additional other view images:

Quick Reminder:

We are going to break down these crucial amazon product photo requirements for the best understanding. Keep your queries intact through the article since the answer might be in the next lines. If you will still have any questions after reading through the article, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Technical requirements for amazon product image

It is very basic and obvious that all images must follow the laid down guidelines by amazon. Here is a debrief on layman’s language on what standards your amazon product photo will need to match in order to gain approval by amazon.


Image format: this is basically the set out of the image. It can be easily described as the nature of the image. Amazon only supports four types of formats that are the most used across the globe; JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF files. But JPEG is the best-recommended format by experts that have had huge success as Amazon sellers.


The image pixels describe the size of the image in terms of surface area. It is required for the image to be either 1000 pixels or more for either width or height. Before uploading any image for amazon, you have to adhere to this or your work will be null and void.


CMYK which stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow Black is basically a four-colored image setting that is used for printing colors. The color simply gets darker as you blend the images. They are more subtraction than RBG. Those are just but the most important and confusing aspects that amazon requires you to follow to the book. If you want professional work like this:


Professional Cover Main Image

Many of you might find it hard ensuring your images meet amazon standards, no need to worry, you can here at AMZ Graphic. We have qualified professionals who will make your amazon product photo more customer appealing thus converting your impressions and visitations into sales. 


We follow amazon product photos requirements to the letter. Check out more upcoming articles that will give you in-depth analysis and amazon product photo tips that will boost your sales


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