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December 10, 2018


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Can Amazon Search Engine Optimization Boost Your Online Marketing? Find out How…

It is not new to most Amazon sellers that the great online marketplace that we know today all started as just a small online bookseller in the 90’s. It has now grown to become the largest online retail store in the entire world. According to a famous study carried out, it was estimated that Amazon alone accounted for more than 40% of the total online traffic generated from the United States last year.

For any seller who is serious about making huge sales and taking his own online market share of the business to make them buy their products, then they must know that Amazon is the very best online marketplace that can sell their product. With over 300 million people engaged with Amazon, it is hard to not get your own customer share from this huge fan base. From the Toy & Games products down to the sophisticated electronic items that we use, everything is made available on this e-commerce platform. However, just like you, several other sellers are considering the option of Amazon, and in order to survive in this already chocked marketplace, it takes more than what it used to in the past. The competition has really escalated to a large extent that you need special skills to survive and outlive your competitors. People usually rely on the use of Amazon’s search engine optimization strategy to ensure that their product rank to the top of the search engine. Before we dive straight to the requirement of search engine optimization in Amazon, let’s first understand what the fundamentals is all about.

Who is Amazon Search Engine Optimization?

Amazon has grown to become a global internet search market and as such, its own unique search engine has been created known as Ag. The algorithm of the search engine has been written so that customers can easily reach and get whatever product it is that they are looking for on the platform. With just a simple input of the commodity name, several products matching the customer’s search appears for them to choose from. While it makes it very easy for the buyers to find whatever they are looking for, it is creating problems for the sellers as they need to survive the competition by adjusting their SEO approaches. If you are not aware of Amazon product listing or selling tactics, here are a few tips for you to follow:

Optimizing your product for Amazon Search Engine

The techniques used for optimizing Amazon listings and articles are very much similar to the optimization of website and brand for internet search engines. The simple way to achieve and build up your SEO strategy is to:

Create user-friendly and engaging contents

The specifications of your products plays a major role in determining its uses and values. You will definitely be aware that it is very much unlikely for your potential customers to purchase a particular commodity that they are not so familiar with. Therefore, in order to create contents that are SEO optimized, your main focus should be on building high-quality and engaging content for the audience. You should strive to write as much details of the products as possible. Always provide honest information on the products with its cons and pros as well as the price and availability. Try to include relevant keywords that you are sure your customers will enter into the search bar. Make use of videos, meta-data, sub-headings, titles, bullets, images, audios as well as other multimedia contents that will increase the search engine optimization of your product.


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