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October 29, 2021


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Captivating Label Design: Make Your CBD Products Stand Out

CBD products

As hemp-based CBD products have become legal in all the American states, many manufactures like you noticed that the business is booming. However having your own CBD business grow in such a competitive market it’s a bit challenging, but not impossible if you have the right expertise.


One of the most powerful factors that make you stand out from your competitors is your CBD label design. This little piece of paper with an interesting writing font and the right picture can help you create a powerful brand and a successful business. The hardest part is to find the exact elements that can describe your products, suit your needs and meet your style.


Of course, getting inspired by other people’s examples it’s a good idea, but just take a moment and think about how many pages you need to see and read to find what you want. All that hassle and hours of research can be daunting, but we’re here for you to spare you from all the effort and help you create the best label design for your CBD products.


When designing your CBD products keep in mind the following questions that describe your competitors’ labels:

CBD questions

After you thought things through, you can move further to get your inspiration for your CBD label design following our easy process.


5 Easy Steps To Create Your CBD Label Design

Creating the perfect label is a fun process where you get to discover all details about the elements that make up your brand’s “face”. This is your chance to learn about the meaning of the colors, the best material and size, and also the way you want to deliver the message through the text. Excited enough? Let’s dive in!


1.   Use Vibrant Contrasting Colors

A brand’s success has a lot to do with the product’s presentation. As color psychology is no longer a secret for most companies, it’s good to know that colors have the ability to influence people’s emotions and also send a message. Choosing the right color to represent your brand and your CBD oil graphic design for example will make customers pick the product and buy it right away.

cbd lable design Color

Knowing the meaning of colors can help you choose whatever stands for your product. For instance, red means energy, passion, and danger, yellow goes for happiness, hope, and spontaneity or purple goes for luxury, mystery, and spirituality. Feel free to discover the color that might feel like it belongs to you.


When talking about contrast, keep in mind that this enhances the color and text, and is what makes the product appealing to your customer. With a good contrast, the CBD designs elements (logo, name, and pictures) will be accentuated and grab all the attention. Make sure your brand stands out with bold coloring, use the highest contrasting color to point out important text, and you’ll not remain unnoticed.


2.   The Best Materials For Your CBD Label

The materials used for labels can vary, as there is a long list from which you can choose. Starting with the most common labels that are printed on paper, you might as well see labels made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PE (polyethylene).

Best Materials For Your CBD Label

Given the nature of CBD oil products, for example, your labels need to be greaseproof, resistant to abrasion and handle any kind of environment, hot or cold. In this case, the best solution is the PVC or PE labels, that are resistant and face any harsh conditions. This type of label will last and remain intact no matter the circumstances.

If accidents happen like oil or cream leaking out, the customer can wash and dry it off and it will look as good as new again. You can trust our professional team of label makers to get you high-quality products, especially made for you.


3.   Strong Essence Comes In Little Bottles

Not by chance, we say that most strong essences come in little bottles. Most of the oil tinctures, perfumes, cosmetics, and sometimes food come in little containers. That’s why choosing the right size for your product label can be a very delicate job. As you want to add all the needed information, your label requires an efficient design that can bring balance between text and its visibility. 

Little Bottles

Having a graphic designer helping you with your labels will make your logo and brand name visible and easy to find. Because in the end, you want your buyers to recognize you from first sight. No to mention that with a professional’s attention the FDA-compliant information that is mandatory for any product will be successfully added in the final design, regardless of the size of the label.


Therefore, before any graphic design project will be started for your CBD labels, make sure you are aware of the FDA’s labelling guides. Just in case we are here for you, to answer all questions and clear up any misunderstandings.


4.   Gaining Trust Is Mandatory

Being a popular market, the fame of CBD products has risen in the last few years. Along with it, comes a majority of educated customers that know how to search for good brands, their claims, and also the number of good reviews. The secret why customers are loyal and satisfied with a brand’s product is its reliability and transparency. Add to that a good-looking CBD label and packing and you have an invincible formula that claims its success.

Gaining Trust Is Mandatory

As people get often disappointed by the counterfeit market (which is huge) that takes advantage to sell products from unreliable companies. They often make fake and unverified health claims and mislabel their products. This is the main reason a large number of customers educated themselves to research more before buying.


Our advice is to ensure any piece of valuable information on your CBD label design and packaging. This way you’ll build more trust and your customers will remain loyal to you and your products.


Here is a list of the factors that you must include:

This can vary depending on your product’s classification. There are certain FDA guides for food, cosmetics, and dietary supplement.


5.   Stay Classy And Simple

Simplicity has always impressed even the finest audience. This feature surely applies to CBD labels as well. Regarding the size and fonts that you’re using in your text, they play an important part in the graphic of your label. Their role is to make the whole design eye-catching and attractive. Another thing that you truly want is that your client reads all the details easily. Your perfect label must contain an excellent balance between color combination, contrast, logo, and text. The right amount of information will not be too hard to read and will provide everything that the consumers should know about your product.

Stay Classy And Simple

Standing out with a CBD product in an ever-evolving market for sure is not easy. Yet a well-done label, that meets the requirements of the FDA and the right design will help you get on top. Getting to know all the details from the process, and seeing some inspiration will make it even easier when you’ll collaborate with a label creator to help you make your vision real. This is your chance to turn your CBD products into something that can be easily recognized and desired by each of your customers.

We’re Here to Listen And Help

You can trust our professional team of label creators to bring your vision to life. With high-quality printing solutions and an unmeasurable amount of creativity, we can make any kind of custom label for your product. An outstanding design will tell your story and gain the trust of your customers.

Don’t hold back your suggestions and ideas, since those can make an impact on the final design. We’ll work together to create the best version of your label and fulfil the dream to see it on every shop’s shelves.

Designing your labels with our help will imply a hassle-free process, where you get to relax and enjoy every step until the final product is revealed. As your project unfolds feel free to ask any questions that might bother you and will give all the answers you need. When everything is ready embrace the final look of your CBD product’s label and also the success that they will bring.

It’s time to bring the spotlight to your CBD products with labels that make a difference.  


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