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December 10, 2018


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Elements Affecting Ranking of Amazon Products

With Amazon being the world’s largest e-commerce website, how do we make sure that we get to the top of the famous Amazon’s product ranking?

Research has shown that the products that are listed on the first page get more than 80% of the entire clicks, and the first 3 listings on the first page gets at least 60% of all those clicks. Also, less than 30% of the entire shoppers bother to go beyond the first page of the search results. With about 45% of the entire US online retail revenue being taken up by Amazon and reaching up to $177.87 billion in the year 2017 alone, you definitely don’t want to miss any part of the juicy opportunity that the first page of Amazon provides you.

Let’s start by imagining ourselves in Amazon’s shoes. Amazon attracts more than 170 million shoppers every month. The main word here is “shoppers”. Unlike a general search engine where different people search for their interests like cat videos, relationship advice, product reviews and the likes, Amazon is just for one thing! Trading! Therefore, you are rest assured that the traffic that you are getting from Amazon searches are more likely to convert into a sales. The result of a recent study also shows that there is about more than 80% more likelihood for a consumer to buy when on Amazon compared to Google.

Several Sellers Rely too much on Amazon product ranking. The more important issue is how many of your products can be sold and at what price.

Amazon product ranking is often overcrowded with a lot of sellers. This would usually force the prices to go down. Sellers getting higher sales usually tend to be better in terms of pricing, they usually sell products below your own cost and still make their profits. Even though you might sell a few products, you might still not make a lot of money or earn just a few pennies.

The other side of the coin are the low ranked products. They usually do not sell anything close to the volume of the high ranked products, there is usually very small number of sellers for these products, if any exists at all. When a sales finally come, it will be a bit below the MSRP and will earn you much more on a single sale.

So the main question is, would you prefer to sell a high ranked product so as to sell more products with little or no profit at all? Or would you prefer to rather sell low ranked products that gives you reasonable profit for each sales?

There are two approaches that come to mind when it comes to Amazon product ranking:

  1. Factors of Relevancy
  2. Conversion Ranking Factors & Performance
  3. Check out IO Scout product ranking tracker for Amazon

It is straightforward. The more the number of your products sold, the more money you generate for Amazon. This is the sole reason why the Best Seller’s Rank has been created. This is a number that Amazon gives to a product based on how well the product sells, and each category has its own taxonomy of Best Seller’s Rank.


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