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July 18, 2021


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Eye-Catching Amazon Product Images & Photo Editing is a must for FBA Sellers: Follow these golden Tips and Tricks

Amazon Product Images & Photo Editing is a must for FBA Sellers

There are hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses selling their products on e-commerce sites, and that’s just in the US. Competition is fierce, so standing out has never been challenging. There are millions of brands, so if you’re looking for a way to skyrocket your sales, you should invest some time, effort, and maybe even some money into optimizing product photos to generate more revenue. It will definitely pay off.


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Try and search for the best-selling products on e-commerce sites. You will probably find that there is one similarity in every one of those products. The product photos; sellers are adding rich details of the product they are selling.


Photos are vital


Purchasing online is convenient, but it has its opposing sides. Customers aren’t able to physically examine the products. That’s where product imagery comes in; photos of your product are vital if you want to increase your sales on the platform. An experienced photo designer and the owner of the amz-graphic website, Rohan. explained the golden rules you should follow. He is also offering professional help in designing your product imagery with a product your listing.

Images are crucial


Imagery is one of the key points of your amz listing. When optimizing your product photos, you should always mind the context in which they are viewed; and not only on your main product page. You should also consider how your images show up in search results, thumbnails, and other places you may not even realize.


It’s essential to keep in mind that you’ll have to follow specific technical guidelines in designing your product listing images. But, using a bit of creative flair is highly recommended.


Below, I will talk a little bit about technicalities and provide you with an expert’s help. Once you create eye-catching product imagery, there is no stopping you. This experienced Amazon product photo editing expert could really help your business flourish. But bear with me for some golden rules everyone selling should know.


A seller should provide three to five photos of the product in their listing; that’s how potential customers get adequate information about the product before purchasing.


There are several golden rules when it comes to optimizing amz product imagery.


Stick to the guidelines, technical image requirements for a product listing


If you don’t follow the requirements, amz won’t accept your listing. photo requirements simply image size, image frame, background color, file format, image type, and image color mode.



Assign image priority

Selles can display seven to nine amazon product images per page. It’s recommended to use all of the available slots; it’s a way to get around the fact that your prospective customers don’t have the chance to inspect the product with their hands. Once you loaded the photos, prioritize and assign how each of the images appears on the page.

Use high-quality images

Using high-quality photos is a must. The rule here is to use actual photos, no vectors, illustrations, or drawings. Keep it simple, and make sure that your imagery is appropriate. Professionally shot and edited images are a must if you want to convert sales and receive more clicks. Click here to get the best Amazon product images.

Offer Level photo

If you’re selling used products, an ‘Offer Level’ or Listing Photo is allowed; it helps prospective customers differentiate your offer.


Variety of products photos

Customers on AMZ want to have a detailed view of the product they are interested in. Not showing your item from different aspects and in detail could cost you a potential customer.

Mind the frame

While designing your product imagery, remember to focus on the entire frame, not just the subject of your image. Mind the edges and corners in your photos, and avoid cutting off essential parts of your image.

Provide information

Product imagery is there to showcase your product, but it can do much more than that. You can use Amazon product images to provide important information about the product. Dimension, feature, benefits – with the right product image, you can draw attention to what makes your product unique and worth spending money on.

Now you have a frame of ideal product imagery and your customers. So, what’s next?

There is an important thing that could help skyrocket your sales— The product Packaging Box. One crucial thing to always keep in mind is that the customer’s experience does not end once they place the order.

Proper packaging gets you returning customers

With the proper packaging, you can impress your customers. The first impression is essential. There is a whole philosophy with unwrapping on the internet, and that is no wonder. It’s a great way to level up your shipping and fulfillment strategy. These inserts are usually unexpected and can do wonders in building goodwill with new customers. Keep it useful; invest some energy into doing the design that will allow you to stand out from competitors. This is where you can show your creativity and authenticity.


Say thank you

Simply thanking your customers for their business goes a long way; you can completely change the way your brand is perceived. If you really want to stand out, include a handwritten note in the package. This action provides genuine authenticity, and you can be pretty sure customers will remember you.

Following these guidelines will for sure make your product page stand out. But, many people find this process to be quite daunting. Yes, it takes some research, knowledge, and practice to make ideal AMZ listing graphics. Luckily, experts are providing this service. Outsourcing this part of your business is recommended, especially if you’re not skilled in the graphics department.

To be a successful AMZ seller, you have to invest time and dedication. And time, as we all know, is very precious.

Consider the help of an expert

Amz Graphic by a Bangladesh-based photo designer, Rohan, can help you follow all the golden rules to make your product image stand out from the competition. He will provide you with expert assistance to photo design for FBA listing to fulfill your need, both personal and business-related.

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Rohan is a professionally skilled designer who makes sure to create eye-catching images of products that quickly and simply communicate your brand’s features and details and what makes it different from the rest out there. Click here to get best Amazon product images.

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