How professional amazon product images increase sales

Jun 20 2020 | Rohan |

Amazon has a whole page on its website enlightening amazon sellers on product photo requirements. This is enough reason to convince amazon sellers on the importance of amazon product photos. A recent study by junglescout has proven that product photo’s persuades buyers more as compared to product description. 35% of visitors read the product description while 100% view the product photo. We have covered the necessary guidelines that will help boost your sales on amazon.

Just like the first thing you notice when you enter a room is the aesthesis. For a website, the first thing you will see in the picture. For Amazon sellers, it is the product image. The reason for amazon’s success is product images.

Why choose amz graphic for photo editing.

 In order for a person to achieve great sales on amazon, one should consider hiring professionals. At amz graphic we offer professional services. We have a working experience of 8 years.

We going to cover the following 

  • Benefits of amazon product photo editing
  • Increasing sales using product images
  • The best implementation of amazon product images

Benefits of amazon product photo editing

  • Selling products faster: with optimized and well-edited product images that meet product photo requirements, you are guaranteed sales. You can click the photo requirements text to get information on the requirements. We offer the best photo editing services. We always opened for communication.
  • Trustworthy images increase impressions: product images should be powerful enough to convenience a buyer to purchase a product even without reading the product description. The impact of the photo should be huge. Impressions will increase vastly which will weigh a lot on sales and amazon ranking.
  • Meeting amazon photo requirements: you cannot post your product if it doesn’t meet the required qualifications. This might be hard for many, that is why it necessary to outsource work to professionals. This will simplify your job.
  • Capture buyer attention: anything the hooks a buyer is obviously nice. Good, professional product images will naturally push the buyer to make a purchase.
  • Time-saving: photo editing take a lot of time. Many might lack the time to edit. Here at amz we simplify your work by offering photo editing services.

Increasing sales using product images

About 75% of buyers depend on product images for making purchase decisions. You might have the best SEO optimized descriptions that lead to visits. Product images play the finishing role by convincing the buyer to add your product to the cart. Amazon product photo editors like us simply make your photo stunning and convincing. 

38% of buyers usually choose products that contain a white background on the product image. A white background enables the buyer to concentrate on the product image itself and not the background.

Did you know amazon photo infographics led to 25% of sales?. In previous articles, we covered the importance of infographics. Infographics are part of photo editing. With a product image without background and it contains infographics, amazon seller’s are assured conversions.

Amazon photo editing services are crucial to any amazon seller’s success.

The best implementation of amazon product images

  1. Following the product image requirements to the letter: without following amazon guidelines, you cannot sell your products via Amazon. This is the most important practice for amazon sellers.
  2. Use different forms of the product photo: ensure that you upload photos for the back, front, side view, and inside. A buyer should see every bit of the product without physically seen the product. This will push the buyer to make the purchase.
  3. Publish importantly information: here is where infographics play the most important role. Features and crucial aspects of the product are best highlighted by infographics.

These tips will help push your sales to the roof. The most successful Amazon sellers to date, always outsourced pivotal segments such as product photo and product description to professionals. We offer almost all services that amazon sellers find hard to go about.

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