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July 15, 2021


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How To Be An Amazon Seller In Singapore

What does it take to be a successful Amazon seller? The majority will say a lot of time and dedication is the secret. Here are tips on how to be an amazon seller in Singapore and amazon has to work together to improve sales and how it affects Amazon sellers. 



On 7th October 2019, Amazon launched its 16th marketplace in Singapore. Singapore is among the fastest developing countries in Southeast Asia. 



Amazon has seen it fit to expand towards Southeast Asia because the eastern part of Asia is well dominated by china accounting to a total of 37% of the top amazon sellers across the world.



The 70% eCommerce penetration into the Singapore population is a great indication that Singapore might be a good target for sellers. Even though the population stands at 6 million, the awareness of online purchasing is on the rise. This is the best time to venture into Singapore.



Why sell on amazon Singapore


  • The revenue from eCommerce sales will hit a record high  2.857Billion US dollars. Any wise amazon seller should be craving for a chunk of space to exploit the Singapore eCommerce economy which is promising. 
  • To add icing on the cake, it is foreseen that the eCommerce economy will grow by 9.1% annually over the next four years. This means that by 2024 the eCommerce revenue will stand at 4.039Billion US dollars.
  • User penetration stands at 70.4%. This is a good sign, this means that 70.4% of the population is aware of eCommerce. Amazon, the biggest retailer across the world presents the best opportunity for amazon sellers to access this new market. user penetration is projected to hit 74.2% by 2024. The average revenue per user stands at 678.457US dollars.
  • The market’s largest eCommerce segment is occupied by electronics and media which holds ⅔  of the entire revenue. For those Amazon sellers who want to penetrate this market, you should consider electronic goods and media products. Amz graphic will help you edit your product photo and product description. These services will help you win customers across Singapore.

Why Singapore is pivotal for Amazon sellers- How to be an amazon seller in Singapore


  • 70% of the population is aware and taking part in eCommerce it is, therefore wise for any amazon seller to aline themselves with requirements and products that are in demand in South East Asia. 
  • Singapore is the gateway to southeast Asia. it is the largest economy in the area. For you to penetrate Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries experiencing a boom in online sales.

Amz graphic will help you set up a store in Singapore. Contact us for more insights and guidelines on how to set up a successful store in Singapore. We will assist you with product photo editing. We will include infographics if necessary. 


Here we promise the best services that will help change visits into conversations. This is the newest marketplace after the one in the United Arab Emirates.



For Amazon sellers anticipating Singapore success, amz graphic is the best online blog and services website that will help you prosper and even gain access to the majority part of Asia.



Singapore is the key to Southeast Asia. Do not miss out on this rare opportunity and to be an amazon seller in Singapore, click here for more info

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