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June 20, 2020


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make money on amazon from home

Staying at home work from home has become the new normal for many people across the world. The coronavirus is the cause of all this unanticipated change of normal life. This pandemic has left many individuals unemployed since a lot of businesses have shut down. Many people are looking for new ways to make money from home. Perhaps starting an amazon business could be very lucrative. This may be the chance you require and add more income. Leaders across the world have been encouraging people to work from home. which simply means you have to make money from home.

Selling products on amazon requires a lot of input. Those who work smart are always rewarded at the end of it. As the bills pile up, many people think of searching for a side hustle, with amazon you will earn money from home. If you are in need of some extra cash, amazon is very profitable. Here we will cover a few ways on how to make money on amazon from home.

We are going to cover: 

Amazon business formats that enable you to make money from home:

  • Kindle direct publishing
  • Amazon hand made
  • Online Computerized trading
  • Private labeling

Kindle direct publishing

If you are a gifted writer and you haven’t heard of kindle direct publishing(KDP), it is about time to take your skills to an earning position. Amazon kindle direct publishing comes with enticing goodies because kindle enables you to publish a book or an e-book, it can be in both digital form or print-in-demand format. A person will pay nothing until you make a sale, whereas amazon will take it’s cut. how good is that? many may not be good writers, but here is were outsourcing plays a major role. You can search for a ghostwriter online. Kindle can write fiction novels real-life blogs and e-books. Here at amz graphic, we will help in creating the product image of your kindle project by giving it professional touches that stand out on amazon.

Amazon Handmade

Official handmade to amazon is a sub-store within the amazon marketplace that allows artisans with unique artifacts and handmade products to sell on amazon. This is slightly different compared to amazon’s original market place where you can set up a storefront and start selling immediately. Here you will have to receive an invitation from amazon and undergo approval. According to amazon in order to meet the threshold, one must” All products available in your Amazon Handmade store must be handmade, i.e. created, altered or assembled entirely by hand (not from a kit). Products must be handmade by you (the artisan), by one of your employees (if your company has 20 or fewer employees), or by a member of your business (if your business has less than 100 people). Sellers are unable to offer mass-produced products or products handmade by different artisans in the Amazon Handmade store”

Those who are worried that amazon handmade is a separate entity from the amazon marketplace are in for a shock. Amazon Handmade has a category within the Amazon market place. For those already experiencing success in ETSY and are thinking of expanding. Amazon handmade is the best place to try.

Online Computerized trading

This is commonly known as online arbitrage. Retail arbitrage is simply playing the third-party role within a business chain. In layman’s language, this is merely purchasing products from a store and reselling them on Amazon for a profit. The amazon seller app actually has a barcode scanner that enables users to scan products for comparison of how the product is selling on amazon. sellers who source items through retail exchange regularly exploit blowout deals and regional prices to discover items with high-overall revenues. You can outsource products online and sell them on Amazon at a profit.

Private labeling

Private labeling is the act of branding products and selling for another company. one of the great private label products is amazon essentials. With private labeling, you get to work directly with the manufacturers, this enables a person to be specific and develop unique brands. The manufacturers handle the packing also.

The best companies to work with on private labeling are in china. This is because of the low manufacturing rates by far as compared to other companies. This grants amazon sellers the opportunity to source products from Chinese industries with their own personal branded specifications.

Private labeling will require in-depth research. The best option is always to select products that you have vast knowledge about. You must have a bold idea of what the customers require and be aware of your competitors in order to stand out. Investment in both the product and brand is pivotal. Advertising also comes in handy.

All these tips will require you to have product photos when posting on amazon. Photos sell better than text. For this, you will require a professional to edit your product photos. At amz graphic, we will offer professional services that will assure conversion. We offer a variety of services for amazon sellers.

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