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December 4, 2018


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Tips for New Amazon Sellers from Top 6 Amazon Experts

For Amazon newbie’s looking for Amazon selling tips we have prepared some of the best starting tips for you from the top 6 Amazon sellers! Enjoy.

Amazon has drastically developed over a period of a short time. New Amazon sellers use different method to get their listings available which no longer works. Due to the increase in competition between sellers you have to be competent to get your product to the buyers.

For Amazon sellers, there are tactics you need to understand to get your product to the first row. For you to understand Amazon algorithms you usually have to make several mistakes to master the art of selling on Amazon. Some of these mistakes of course can run into thousands of dollars and possibly put you out of business before you start to make use of the lessons learnt.

Fortunately for Amazon Sellers, Jungle Market has created solution for difficulties experienced by Amazon sellers. Amazon Freelancer professional have already experienced these difficulties and come up with best solutions to it. Amazon freelancers are involved in Amazon products over a long period time, so they know the perfect way to handle getting your products to the first row and making cool bucks regularly.

Here are some tips from top 5 Amazon Freelancer Experts for newbie Amazon sellers and it comes for free!

This tip is provided by 9 Jungle Market Freelancer Professionals. Here we go!

What Are Some Amazon Selling Tips For New Sellers?

1. Yunyi Bai

Amazon newbies have to think about the purpose of selling Amazon products I.e. the main purpose of them being a seller of Amazon whether they are doing it to promote their own brand or to make profit.
Amazon sellers are expected to know what they really want before they can know the right products to sell. For example if a seller is interested in making money and doesn’t really have any interest in branding things, then the seller need to go through JS service to know the products to be involved with.
There are some things to be done for brand builder such as package design, manufacturing, brand theme etc.
1. Self-fulfilled or FBA? FBA products attract more traffic, which is a lot. But, sellers have to maintain the cost and advantage. 89.9% of sellers are unaware that they can possess FBA and self-fulfilled together.
2. Buy-box competition: buy box competition doesn’t seem to be too much. Amazon sellers are advised to know what Amazon wants before buy-box winners emerge. i.e. Reviews, Price, Seller up-time, Stock and etc.

2. The Amazon Enabler (Charles)

1. Amazon sellers are advised to have an inner thought to determine whether they are ready to be Amazon sellers. Amazon sellers are to be financially stable. They must have enough to pay for inventory, subscription fees, storage fees, advertising and product launch for them to make it big because getting started is a bit tough. They must know what they want for the pace to be steady. If they don’t know what they want it will be difficult to get back on track when distracted.
2. Never stop learning. Day in Day out we learn one or two things and that is the way of life. The more interest you show to learn, the better it will become for you to handle business and Amazon ecosystem. Be cautious not to be a victim of fraud everything has its own pace. Be slow and steady and you will make it big.
3. Unique Unique Unique. To new Amazon business owner, don’t join others selling the same product but offer it a new name. They are same products under the camouflage of new names. You need to make your product different, but not only different but unique to be patronized by customers. Do something that has never been done to please the heart of your customers then you will be successful and make it big time.


3 Blue Sky (Hamad)

These tips will help Amazon Seller new byes to set up an Optimized PPC campaign
If you understand your products in few words such as Garlic Press and what you are trying to gain. You should try the 2 tips
1. Do reverse ASIN. On top seven competitors, put all keywords into Excel Spreadsheet, Filtered through those receiving high traffic volume, then filter by product name:
This helps you to get the important keywords to consider with high search volume, and use to your advantage.
2. Run Automatic Campaign. Plan your budget to about $50 USD and set CPC to its lowest at about0.10-0.30 USD, within a short time, you will have less than 10% ACOS. This allows Amazon to place your listing on an empty Ad spot using every available keyword. As time goes on you will have less than 10%.

4. Passive Income Consulting & Co. (Sean Bills)

When have sufficient data, your confidence on the product increases:
It can be difficult for Amazon seller to know when a product will be launched especially if it is their first time. Launching is sometimes quite difficult, and if you are afraid about your product not selling fast enough, fear not. There are different ways to get help that you can use to remove any insecure thoughts that you have.
Some tools that you can use are Jungle Scout’s Google Chrome Extension, Helium 10’s Black Box tool, and Amaze owl. These programs assist sellers to find a way to sell their products easily and earn profit. Using multiple Amazon product research tools will give you a better way to understand how a product will perform after it has been launched. When checking the tools you can be rest assured the product will be mind blowing. Once you are okay with it, the decision is easier to make.

5. Sionca Razan – AmzDivision

As an Amazon seller newbie, you have to do your researching a unique way that is different from others. Start by carrying out a product research. Only few people talk about the benefits of good quality when we talk about “product research.” Now you have to understand how the algorithm works, the important thing is the way you see it, and the way you make use of it. You have to use necessary tools to make a unique achievement. You have to make daily study a habit, being up to date is very important for you to know when there is a new strategy, with every new change in algorithm. You have to be an active member of an Amazon seller’s community, a good one, and use it in a way that you will benefit from it. Do your Assignment and try your possible best to stop guessing keywords, you can rank high and drive traffic and sales to your Amazon listing.

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