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December 10, 2018


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What Roles Do Keywords and Content Play in Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

There is no doubt stating that the very best place for you to sell your products online is on Amazon. With their over 300 million users engaged all over the world, it is almost impossible for you not to get your own fair share of customers. In this recent time, a wide range of customers take to purchasing their commodities online through e-commerce websites such as Amazon rather than going through the traditional way of purchasing goods. There is no doubt to the fact that Amazon is the desired online store for several consumers.

Due to this, a lot of vendors are compelled to move their goods and services to amazon by creating an account on the Amazon platform in order to sell their commodities to earn good digits. Now you might be in the dilemma of bringing your products to the top of every search made by your products so as to give them the much needed exposure to convert into sales. The answer to this dilemma is for you to opt for Amazon product listing optimization. In other words, it is mandatory for the vendors to ensure that their content are rich in keywords so as to make them show up for relevant queries by consumers. Sellers need to write top-notched content description which is SEO optimized so as to make their product rank on the Amazon search engine. We have provided you here with the detailed analysis of what exactly product listing is and the way it works.

Content in Amazon listing optimization

To a very large extent, content plays an important role in increasing the sales, visibility and revenue of your product. There is no doubt to the fact that a very good content will always result in increased revenue and income, therefore coming up with the most relevant and high-quality content should rank first when it comes to optimizing your product catalog. Some of the points for you to consider when producing contents for your product are as follows:

  • An attractive keyword rich title. You should ensure that your keyword appears exactly as you want it in the title and it should retain its meaning and also be attractive. Amazon gives a limit of about 200 characters (with spaces) for titles, so try to make the maximum use of this limit. Create the almost perfect title and ensure that the first letter of each of your main words are capitalized. Do not also display your numbers in words, but rather in numeric terms, ensure that you spell out the word “and”, and list out the colors only if you have multiples of it.
  • Highlight 6-7 bullet points which would brief the main features of your product. Also, you can make use of numbering instead of bullets to present the key features in your product. Ensure that your title and sub-headings all appear in bold or italic in order not to make all the content plain.
  • The role of description in determining the features and qualities of your product can never be overemphasized. It is with no doubt a fact that the single most important thing that a consumer will note is to go through the content description. Therefore, do not fail to impress your prospects by including the most important features of your products in the content descriptions.


On a final note, ensure that as many keywords as you can are injected into the content. However, you should also note that the stuffing of the contents unnecessarily with keyword may rather result in a negative result, so ensure that you take caution in its use.


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